• An Example of Belt Blinding on a Belt Filter Press

    Belt Blinding

    Use POLY-GONE to Clean Belts on a Belt Filter Press

  • An Example of Belt Blinding and Struvite on a Belt Filter Press

    Belt Blinding & Struvite

    Use POLY-GONE Suppress to Gradually Remove & Prevent Struvite and Clean Belts

  • An Example of Irregular Struvite Growth


    Use POLY-GONE Lines to Gradually Remove & Prevent Struvite in Waste Water Lines


POLY-GONE Installation

Polymer Dispersant & Belt Wash Anti-Blinding System

POLY-GONE disperses polymer to clean polymer spills, belt filter fabric, polymer pumps & tanks, and lines & drains.

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POLY-GONE® Suppress

POLY-GONE Suppress Installation

Belt-Wash Anti-Blinding System & Struvite Prevention

POLY-GONE Suppress disperses polymer like POLY-GONE and gradually removes and prevents Struvite & Vivianite.

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POLY-GONE Lines at Digester Installation

Struvite & Vivianite Removal & Prevention

POLY-GONE Lines gradually removes Struvite & Vivianite and prevents the formation of Struvite & Vivianite.

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About Schaner's Waste Water Products

Schaner's Waste Water ProductsIn 1992, we began cleaning polymer and belt filter presses, nationally.

The Chief Operator of a 30 million gallon per day waste water plant requested a polymer solvent. At the time there were several alternatives. The options included ammonia, sodium metasilicate, ethanolamine and isopropyl alcohol. These products in the chemical warehouse were basically no more than concentrated floor cleaners and are still re-labeled as polymer cleaners today. Chlorine, sodium hydroxide, acids, Dawn dish washing liquid and rock salt (which provides traction on polymer) are also used.

We took a different approach. We gathered together as many manufacturer’s samples of various polymers and then we proceeded to attempt to tear apart the polymer chains in these products. Soon we developed a product that worked on every manufacturer’s polymer. We then tested the product in this particular plant. It met their criteria in that it was neutral pH, no alcohol, no ammonia, no caustics and no solvents.

Years have passed since then, and we are still happy to introduce you to the most amazing alternative to disperse polymer and prevent belt blinding! We’d like to claim the credit, but it was wastewater operators who came up with this innovative idea. They told us that if it was neutral in pH, if it only positively affects my process, why should they have to shut down a belt press or gravity belt thickener to apply the product?

Today, countless plants use POLY-GONE by directly injecting POLY-GONE to the wash water systems of their belt filter presses while processing sludge. The end results are cleaner belts, non-blinded belts, increased sludge production, reduced chemical costs, lower disposal costs and longer belt life! Processing savings have been 10:1 and 100:1 in many facilities across the United States! POLY-GONE money continues to be money well spent!

Schaner's Belt Press Optimization Test was created with the help of operators. Not only will it help determine the losses & increased costs of your process. It is the tool to use to keep your belt presses running optimally for years to come.