POLY-GONE Suppress

POLY-GONE® Suppress Belt-Wash Anti-Blinding System & Struvite Prevention


  • No Caustics
  • No Ammonias
  • No Solvents
  • No Acids
  • Neutral pH
  • No Sodium Metasylicate
  • Guaranteed 20,000:1 Dilution Ratio on Belt Filter Presses


  • Cleans Polymer Tanks
  • Cleans Polymer Lines
  • Cleanup Slippery Polymer Spills
  • Ends Belt Blinding from Polymer & Sludge Buildup
  • Improves Sludge Solids
  • Improves Belt-Filter Press Throughput
  • Prevents Crystal Agglomeration (Struvite)
  • Gradually Removes Existing Agglomeration
  • Increases Belt Life
  • Reduces Press Down Time for Repair

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Pump Calibration Instructions
Belt Press Optimization Test
POLY-GONE Demonstration