• An Example of Belt Blinding on a Belt Filter Press

    Belt Blinding

    Use POLY-GONE to Clean Belts on a Belt Filter Press

  • An Example of Belt Blinding and Struvite on a Belt Filter Press

    Belt Blinding & Struvite

    Use POLY-GONE Suppress to Gradually Remove & Prevent Struvite and Clean Belts

  • An Example of Irregular Struvite Growth


    Use POLY-GONE Lines to Gradually Remove & Prevent Struvite in Waste Water Lines


POLY-GONE Installation

Polymer Dispersant & Belt Wash Anti-Blinding System

POLY-GONE disperses polymer to clean polymer spills, belt filter fabric, polymer pumps & tanks, and lines & drains.

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POLY-GONE® Suppress

POLY-GONE Suppress Installation

Belt-Wash Anti-Blinding System & Struvite Prevention

POLY-GONE Suppress disperses polymer like POLY-GONE and gradually removes and prevents Struvite & Vivianite.

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POLY-GONE Lines at Digester Installation

Struvite & Vivianite Removal & Prevention

POLY-GONE Lines gradually removes Struvite & Vivianite and prevents the formation of Struvite & Vivianite.

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