POLY-GONE Demonstration


Installing a POLY-GONE Pump to your Belt Filter Press line is a simple process. Ideally, professionally install a ½” female shut off valve 6-10′ from where the sprays wash bars separate to service wash water to your belt filter press. Consider where your permanent installation might be positioned prior to modifying your wash water pipes. For demonstration purposes, we have found there are many ways to find alternative injection points. These points may require a trip to the maintenance building, hardware store or plumbing supply store. Consider these alternatives:

  1. Modify a pressure gauge fitting
  2. Modify a drain plug on the wash water booster pump
  3. Modify a hose fitting
  4. Look for any threaded alternative that does not have an electronic sensor.

DO NOT INSTALL POLY-GONE Pump to any water line that will service a polymer system. This water will be treated with POLY-GONE.  POLY-GONE WILL paralyze your polymer when introduced to polymer water supplies at 50 ppm. Your diluted polymer will no longer be useful.

Temporary POLY-GONE Demonstration

Permanent POLY-GONE Installation

Install the POLY-GONE Pulsafeeder pump 38-45″ from the floor.

  1. Put white ring on the top valve of the pump. (A MUST!)
  2. Screw in Bleed Valve on to top valve.
  3. Place Clear Suction on bottom valve.
  4. Place Suction weight on clear tube.
  5. Place Suction Strainer on end of tube. This goes into drum.
  6. Place 55 Gallon Drum below the pump:

Install the injection fitting onto the wash water line. The typical pump we supply is 150 PSI. The ideal placement is 8-10′ before the wash water line branches off to the 2-3 spray bars. Some installations are on or around the wash water booster pump.  Be sure that this water DOES NOT supply your polymer system.  A saddle valve, “T” fitting or drill tap have all been used.

Install high-pressure tubing between pump and injection fitting.